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Version: 9.0
Question: 1

An administrator added the following Ipsec VPN to a FortiGate configuration:
configvpn ipsec phasel -interface
edit “RemoteSite”
set type dynamic
set interface “portl”
set mode main
set psksecret ENC LCVkCiK2E2PhVUzZe
config vpn ipsec phase2-interface
edit “RemoteSite”
set phasel name “RemoteSite”
set proposal 3des-sha256
However, the phase 1 negotiation is failing. The administrator executed the IKF real time debug while attempting the Ipsec connection. The output is shown in the exhibit.

What is causing the IPsec problem in the phase 1 ?

A. The incoming IPsec connection is matching the wrong VPN configuration
B. The phrase-1 mode must be changed to aggressive
C. The pre-shared key is wrong
D. NAT-T settings do not match

Answer: C

Question: 2

Examine the output from the ‘diagnose debug authd fsso list’ command; then answer the question below.
# diagnose debug authd fsso list —FSSO logons-IP: User: STUDENT Groups: TRAININGAD/USERS Workstation: INTERNAL2. TRAINING. LAB The IP address is NOT the one used by the workstation INTERNAL2. TRAINING. LAB.
What should the administrator check?

A. The IP address recorded in the logon event for the user STUDENT.
B. The DNS name resolution for the workstation name INTERNAL2. TRAINING. LAB.
C. The source IP address of the traffic arriving to the FortiGate from the workstation INTERNAL2. TRAINING. LAB.
D. The reserve DNS lookup forthe IP address

Answer: C

Question: 3

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Examine the partial output from the IKE realtime debug shown in the exhibit; then answer the question below.

Why didn’t the tunnel come up?

A. IKE mode configuration is not enabled in the remote IPsec gateway.
B. The remote gateway’s Phase-2 configuration does not match the local gateway’s phase-2 configuration.
C. The remote gateway’s Phase-1 configuration does not match the local gateway’s phase-1 configuration.
D. One IPsec gateway is using main mode, while the other IPsec gateway is using aggressive mode.

Answer: B

Question: 4

Four FortiGate devices configured for OSPF connected to the same broadcast domain. The first unit is elected as the designated router The second unit is elected as the backup designated router Under normal operation, how many OSPF full adjacencies are formed to each of the other two units?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Answer: B

Question: 5

The logs in a FSSO collector agent (CA) are showing the following error: failed to connect to registry: PIKA1026 ( What can be the reason for this error?

A. The CA cannot resolve the name of the workstation.
B. The FortiGate cannot resolve the name of the workstation.
C. The remote registry service is not running in the workstation
D. The CA cannot reach the FortiGate with IP address

Answer: C

Question: 6

Examine the output of the ‘get router info ospf interface’ command shown in the exhibit; then answer the question below.

Which statements are true regarding the above output? (Choose two.)

A. The port4 interface is connected to the OSPF backbone area.
B. The local FortiGate has been elected as the OSPF backup designated router
C. There are at least 5 OSPF routers connected to the port4 network.
D. Two OSPF routers are down in the port4 network.

Answer: BD

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