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Version: 6.0
Question: 21

Which solution automatically removes malware and blocks malware attacks before they can be initiated?

A. Mobile SDK
B. Pinpoint Malware Detection
C. Pinpoint Criminal Detection
D. Rapport

Answer: D

Question: 22

Which answer highlights Trusteer’s unique value?

A. Real-time intelligence from 270M+ endpoints
B. Minimal impact to the customer experience (reducing unnecessary authentication challenges)
C. Reduces operational impact – reduces false positives
D. All of the above are part of Trusteer’s value proposition

Answer: A


Question: 23

New Updated M2150-810 Exam Questions M2150-810 PDF dumps M2150-810 practice exam dumps:

Which Trusteer product detects malware risks accurately and serves as an ea warning so that financial institutions can act before it’s too late?

A. Mobile SDK
B. Rapport
C. Pinpoint Malware Detection
D. Pinpoint Criminal Detection

Answer: B

Question: 24

Which list of products is part of Trusteer’s Web Fraud Portfolio?

A. Rapport, Apex, Mobile SDK
B. Pinpoint Malware Detection, Pinpoint Criminal Detection, Apex
C. Pinpoint Criminal Detection, Rapport, Mobile SDK
D. Mobile App, Rapport, Apex

Answer: C

Question: 25

What is typically missing from a traditional risk engine but is part of Pinpoint Criminal Detection?

A. Transaction History
B. Device and connection
C. Fraud Evidence
D. Login Activity

Answer: D

Question: 26

When using Pinpoint Malware Detection, what occurs in the vast majority of cases?

A. Malware infected devices are identified as they attempt to log on to the banking application
B. End-users are contacted and told they have to remove the malware
C. Results are fed to the risk engine
D. Transactions reviewed from the originating device

Answer: C

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