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Latest and Most Accurate Symantec 250-428 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers:

Question: 1

Which two options are supported Symantec End point Manager authentication types? (Select two.)

A. Microsoft Active Directory
C. RSA SecurID
D. Biometrics
E. Network Access Control

Answer: A, C

Question: 2

A Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) client uses a management server list with three management servers in the priority 1 list.
Which mechanism does the SEP client use to select an alternate management server if the currently selected management server is unavailable?

A. The client chooses another server in the list randomly.
B. The client chooses a server based on the lowest server load.
C. The client chooses a server with the next highest IP address.
D. The client chooses the next server alphabetically by server name.

Answer: A

Question: 3

New Updated 250-428 Exam Questions 250-428 PDF dumps 250-428 practice exam dumps:

Winch Symantec Endpoint Protection technology blocks a downloaded program from installing browser plugins?

A. Intrusion Prevention
C. Tamper Protection
D. Application and Device Control

Answer: D

Question: 4

Which Symantec End point Protection defense mechanism provides protection against threats that propagate from system to system through the use of autotun.inf files?

A. Host Integrity
C. Application and Device Control
D. Emulator

Answer: C

Question: 5

An administrator uses the scorch criteria displayed in the image below.
Which results ore returned from the query?

A. Only VMware Servers in the Default Group
B. All Windows 2012 Servers in the Default Group
C. Only Windows 2012 Servers that are Virtualized in the Default Group
D. All Windows 2012 Servers and all Virtualized Servers in the Default Group

Answer: D

Question: 6

Which action should an administrator take to prevent users from using Windows Security Center?

A. Set Disable antivirus alert within Windows Security Center to Disable
B. Set Disable Windows Security Center to Always
C. Set Disable Windows Security Center to Disable
D. Set Disable antivirus alert within Windows Security Center to Never

Answer: B

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