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Version: 8.0
Question: 21

What are three valid options for writable volumes? (Choose three.)

A. Limit the attachment of users’ writables to specific computers.
B. Attach volume on next login or reboot.
C. Delay writable creation for group/OU members until they log in.
D. Attach volume immediately.
E. Prevent user login if the writable is in use on another computer.

Answer: A,C,E


Question: 22

One of the datastores containing a manual desktop pool is running out of disk space and an administrator adds a second datastore.
Which operation should the administrator perform to resolve the issue?

A. Rebalance
B. Recompose
C. Storage vMotion
D. Refresh

Answer: B

Question: 23

View Composer supports which database version?

A. vPostgres
B. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP1
C. Oracle 11g
D. Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Answer: D

Question: 24

What is the benefit of using the “Browse Local Profile” Profile Browsing feature in the User Environment Manager to adjust the Import/Export configuration for an application DirectFlex?

A. It allows backup of the user profile.
B. The Microsoft Windows users profile configuration can be changed.
C. The registry of filesystem paths do not have to be typed in the editor.
D. The Import/Export Config can be deleted from a user profile.

Answer: A

Question: 25

An Administrator has started a push-image operation at the start of the work day while clone creation is in progress. The security team has discovered an issue with the new image being pushed out. It has been requested to cancel the push-image operation immediately; however, clones that have the new image remain in the pool and the pool now has a mix of clones.
What must the administrator do to ensure that all the clones in the pool have the same image?

A. Notify all users to log out of their current session and log back in.
B. Stop the push image operation and recompose the image.
C. Remove all the clones. View recreates the clones with the same image.
D. ClickStart > Run, type services.msc, and clickOK. From the list of services, right-click the VMware View Connection Server or VMware View Security Server service and selectRestart.

Answer: D

Question: 26

Which choice is used to delegate the administration of specific machines, desktop pools, or farms to different administrators?

A. Access Groups
B. Instant Clone Domain Admin
C. Global Entitlements
D. Folders

Answer: A

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